Understand Accounting!...

By Derek Stone

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Featured Case Study

Julia’s Retail Shoe Shop

After much research in her community, Julia decided to open a shop specialising in ladies' high quality shoes.  The first trading year has been completed (It ended on 31st March) and  Julia is anxious to know whether the business has made a good profit. She has come to you with a list of its transactions, because she knows that you can build her a set of financial statements....


 Andrew is developing a five year plan for his new business and he is introduced to accounting on a ‘need to know’ basis as the plan develops.

He is determined to master everything and he is forever asking questions, wanting to know WHY the rules  work as well as HOW. 

By the time his plan is ready he has learned how the financial statements are linked together (the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement and cash flow) and he has learned how ratios will help him make his business more profitable.

So why not join him on his journey of discovery and find out how easy accounting really is?

Then visit this website again and practice your new skills on the case studies. Become a management consultant and suggest ways in which these businesses could be made more successful.



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