Jonathan Cale

Monday, November 3, 2014

Mr. Stone has an uncanny knack of highlighting the important and relevant items to give you a very clear idea of the financial health or otherwise of an organisation. He writes in an easy and almost simplistic style but do not let this fool you.  Moreover he does so in a clear and easy to understand manner which obviously reflects his considerable knowledge and experience in the field.

If, like me, you have struggled to get to grips with the complexities and underlying performance of an organisation’s balance sheet and financial health or otherwise then I cannot recommend these two editions “Understand Accounting” highly enough.

In my view these books should be required reading for anyone like me who is seeking to develop their knowledge of company balance sheets and business plans. They act as an invaluable “Aide Memoire” and are laid out in an easy and logical manner aiding constant reference. I use them daily.

Board and Member Relations ExecutiveAustralian Institute of Company Directors