Thomas Cook

Monday, October 21, 2019


Check out Thomas Cook’s progress under its Chief Executive Officers since 2008.Examine their cash flows and ratios





  • The company had three main Chief Executive Officers over eleven years.
  • The cash flow story is shown for each of them
  • So are the ratios
  • to see them, download the case study
  • Here is the summary cash flow over the eleven years:
 SUMMARY CASH FLOWS THOMAS COOK 2008 TO 2018      £,000     £,000    %
08 to 18
Sales Revenue 97710 100.0%
Staff Costs -11104 -11.4%
Other Operating Expenses -83215 -94319 -85.2%
Funds From Operations 3391    3.5%
Financial charges -2020   -2.1%
Funds After Financial Charges 1371   1.4%
Circulating Capital Changes 772   0.8%
Available After Circulating Capital Changes 2143   2.2%
Long Term Investment -2157  -2.2%
Required from  Financial Sources -14   0.0%
Financial sources – increase in loans 669
Increase In Cash Available before FX 655


The company had sales of ninety-seven million, seven hundred thousand pounds.It spent ninety-six million, three hundred thousand and only just over a million was left.It added nearly eight hundred thousand by reducing receivables and increasing payables.This gave it almost enough to fund  its long-term investment; only fourteen thousand more was needed. Yet it borrowed an extra six hundred and sixty-nine thousand, increasing its cash balances by six hundred and fifty-five thousand.