The Perfect Pizza

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This is a challenging case

Antonio had always wanted to own his own business, having worked in an Italian restaurant in London for several years. It did not take him long to find suitable premises to rent and he soon had them fitted out. 

The business has just completed its first year of trading and Antonio is keen to find out how well it has performed.

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This is a challenging case

Antonio has, at last been able to open his own limited business. He is the chef and prides himself on making the best pizzas in London. His first year has just finished and he is looking forward to seeing his results. So it is over to you  now. He advertised locally and soon was in business. He opened for nine hours a day – lunchtimes and evenings – for six days a week and for fifty weeks a year. The parlour has 12 tables with four seats per table.


Working papers have been prepared for you, including  the spread sheet, financial statements and ratios.


Answers are available, of course.


What advice would you give to Antonio?