Julia’s Retail Shoe Shop

Sunday, November 9, 2014


£4.99 £2.99

This case is a bit more challenging.

Now that Julia’s business has been trading for a year, she wants you to produce its financial statements and she is eager to hear what advice you can give her.

You are provided with:

   A spreadsheet


  Blank financial statements:

      Balance sheet

     Profit and Loss account 

    Cash flow statement.

Then you can calculate some ratios to see how well the business is performing.

What advice would you give to Julia?Answers are provided, of course.




After much research in her community, Julia decided to open a shop specialising in ladies’ high quality shoes.  The first trading year has been completed (It ended on 31st March) and  Julia is anxious to know whether the business has made a good profit. She has come to you with a list of its transactions, because she knows that you can build her a set of financial statements. So now its over to you – don’t disappoint her!