The Foresters Revisited-In Preparation


In ‘The Foresters Revisited’ we are going to build a model of Kathy’s business and prepare budgets looking three years into the future. The model is excel based and  you need to be familiar with ‘IF’ statements, copying cells whilst keeping the reference to one of them constant and the normal activities such as summation and referencing back to cells in other worksheets.

Kathy wants you to forecast how well the pub will be doing over the next three years. She has given you percentage estimates of the changes she expects in the size of her clientele and of revenues and costs, based upon the relationships that were discovered in case one.

Product Description

This will be a very challenging case – coming soon

The task

Kathy has asked you to prepare a three year budget for her business. She has given you a list of her assumptions as to how she expects the business to grow from its current position, using the relationships that you discovered for her in ‘The Foresters Case One’. Consequently you will need to have completed that case before you can tackle this one.

 Every step of this process will be explained to you as it develops.

 Working papers and answers will be available.

 Once you have mastered this process you will be able to apply it to any business situation.