Dede’s Hotel in Torquay

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A legacy from a relative, plus support from her bank, had made it possible for Dede to buy an hotel in Torquay. It was a modest hotel, with just ten rooms, each with ensuite facilities, mini bars and coffee and tea making facilities,. The hotel  did not have a dining room because it was surrounded by many good restaurants. It is the end of her first year and she is waiting for you to produce her financial statements.  As usual, working papers have been prepared for you.

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Product Description

This is a much more challenging case

You are provided with:

A spreadsheet.


Blank financial statements:

    Balance sheet

    Profit and Loss

   Cash flow statement


A ratio sheet


Now it is time to put on your detective’s hat and get behind the numbers to what is actually taking place.


How can the hotel’s performance be improved?


You may like to make the entries in the conventional double entry form.


Blank accounts are available for you


And answers, of course.