The Bookshop

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Jean and John have been running a small bookshop in their village for three years. It’s a small affair but they are happy with it. Their accountant had advised them to form a limited company with each of them holding equal numbers of shares.  The bookshop is open for 300 days a year and, on average, sells its books at £15 each. It is open for six hours a day and averages 5 potential customers an hour. They did not pay themselves salaries, relying instead on their dividends.

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Product Description

This is an easy case.

You are provided with:

The opening trial balance.

Blank working papers.

A list of the year’s transactions.

 Please prepare their financial statements and then advise them on future strategy.

 This case also includes traditional double entry working papers so that you can practice writing up the accounts in the traditional way.