Thomas Cook

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The company had three main chief executive officers over the eleven-year period.

After summarizing the cash flows in total for the eleven years, the analysis is broken down to coincide with the CEO’s periods of control.

Comment and opinions are given throughout

Here is the eleven year summary. Download the case to see the performances of the executive officers.

11 to 18 11 to 18
Sales Revenue 97710
Staff Costs -11104
Other Operating Expenses -83215 -94319
Funds From Operations 3391
Financial Charges -2020
Funds After Financial Charges 1371
Circulating Capital Changes 772
Available for long term Investment 2143
Long Term Investment -2157
Available(+)/Required(-) For/From Financial Sources -14
Financial sources 669
Cash Available/Required Before FX 655

The company had sales of ninety-seven million, seven hundred thousand pounds.It spent ninety-six million, three hundred thousand and only just over a million was  left. It added nearly eight hundred thousand by reducing receivables and increasing payables This gave it almost enough to fund its long-term investment; only fourteen thousand more was needed. Yet it borrowed an extra six hundred and sixty-nine thousand, increasing its cash balances by six hundred and fifty-five thousand pounds.