Company Cashflows

Cash is King.

The cash flow statement in a company’s financial statements should be the most informative one of all – but it isn’t. It needs to be re-written to get them to tell a story. All the figures that are in the published accounts are there still, but in a different order.

Where a company gets its money from, and what it does with it is vital information.

Is it creating cash or losing it?

Cash is like blood, it needs to keep circulating – and if a company loses too much of it then it is likely to die!

My ebook ‘Understand Financial Statements and How to Analyse Them’ will be available in the Autumn of 2017. It will:

explain how to re-write the cash flows.

discuss how to use ratios to asses a company’s performance and viability.

follow the format of ‘Understand Accounting’ in that it is in conversational form.

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