About Derek

What The Cases will do for you:

Broaden your knowledge by examining other  businesses, for example,  ones like those in the famous soaps; their shops, their pubs and their garages.

Expose you to retail, production and service businesses, using the same approach  as  described in ‘Understand Accounting’.

Give you practice in  creating financial statements from basic data.

Turn you into a financial detective.

 The Cash Flow Statements

Cash is King.

 Cash is like blood, it needs to keep circulating – and if a company loses too much of it then it is likely to die!

 ‘Understand Financial Statements and How to Analyse Them’ will be

available in 2017. It will:

explain how to amend the cash flow statement to make it tell a more revealing story.

discuss how to use ratios to assess a company’s performance and viability.

 use a conversational form, as in ‘Understand Accounting’.

 Amended cash flows of actual companies  will be added to this website.

They will be available for you to download – for free.